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Please spend your 5-10 minutes reading this. It is VERY IMPORTANT for you, and your children to know these details, and clear your doubts. We are going to tell you what you never get told when you visit coaching centres.  If you want, have a cup of tea, and read on!

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Do you know how many seats are in IITs, Engineering colleges, and Medical colleges? How many students write IIT JEE (Main) exam every year? How many write NEET? In most coaching centres, you never get to hear the full details.

In 2016, over 16 lakh students wrote IIT-JEE(Main) NEET,  and about 1.98 lakh from them wrote IIT JEE(Advanced) to qualify for 10575 seats in 23 IITs for B.Tech. (Actual break up: 12 lakh wrote JEE, over 10 lakh wrote NEET). That means just about 0.88% of students made it to the IITs. This year, 11.35 lakh students are writing NEET exam to be MBBS doctors. There are about 54000 MBBS seats in 426 medical colleges of India. That means 5% students will finally qualify.

There are 15500 seats in NITs, and 16 lakh seats in 3470 engineering colleges all over India. It means a huge number of you can “easily” get into engineering. Now, how good an engineer you will be, how successful you will be in your careers, is dependent on your knowledge, experience, your aptitude, your career path, risks you take in life.

Now, how many of you are bombarded with glowing success stories of coaching centers, through full page ads, direct mailers? How many of you make children write their ‘entrance tests’ for so called scholarships (which are nothing but some discounted fees)? The glitzy ads and sweet talking representatives NEVER tell you that less than 1% students make the cut! It ALSO includes MANY (over 90%!) of those who paid anything from 1 lakh to 3-4 lakhs (for 2 years), and some even more (having started in class 8 itself).

Do you want to step back a bit, and think coolly? Am I taking the right call? Should I be paying this sum? Does it fit within our budget? Will it REALLY work? What IF it doesn’t work? We know many students who do not feel it is in them to maintain the high rigor required, after 3-6 months. The parental pressure had pushed them to try. And, some children do tell their parents in time. Some do not. And, many students, parents realize there is heaven & earth gap between what is promised, and what is actually experienced. But, it is too late. Your money is NON-Refundable!

Every year, collectively, parents pay to the tune of 20000-25000 crore rupees for IIT coaching, and nearly similar sum is being paid for NEET. Last year, in Mumbai, many parents paid Rs 1.75 lakh for 30-40 days to some coaching centres! You can see how much money we are made to waste to chase our dreams, without knowing the full details, without thinking of its  need, and our ability to stay the course and crack the exam. Of 70-80% of total students who write these exams, after going thru expensive coaching, hardly 1% crack these exams. This fact is not known to most parents.

Irrespective of the money you spend, number of years you spend in coaching classes, how good or bad was the teaching there, finally what matters is how good YOU studied. How much you practiced. How much You Could Recall during those crucial minutes in the exam. That is why it hurts many parents when after all that effort, cost, time they spent, it did NOT work out for them.

Statistically, you know now, not everyone can succeed. You know how tough is the challenge. Should you really take such a huge financial hit of 1 to 4 lakhs?  Is there a smarter way to do it? Is there a BETTER way to PREPARE for IIT JEE, NEET, or CET exams? Now, you are thinking. How can eTestZone help us? How are you different from others?

We are NOT like ANY of those coaching centres, or those who run Integrated Courses. We do NOT Advertise BIG, and, Charge BIGGER. We are on a “EkCupMission”. How much do you spend on a cup of tea or coffee every day? 10 Rupees? Or, 15 Rupees? Is it possible to prepare for these exams with that kind of ridiculously low cost?

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YES! YES!! There is a smarter way.  With us, at less than 9 rupees per day, you can do it. Even if you have chosen to attend a coaching class, we suggest you use this to measure, review yourself. Know where to focus. It costs such a small sum. For JEE (Main), just Rs 1200/-! For NEET+JEE(M)+CET, just Rs. 3000/-! <click here to go to buy page>

eTestZone enables you with complete practice content, graded MCQAs, with hints for tough ones, a repository of 50000 questions, a discussion forum for various exams, topics, where you can create your discussion threads, and revision material.

We provide FREE service to PCMB faculty in Every PU College (or, CBSE, ICSE class 11, 12), forever.

You know, how, in 2014, a chaiwala demonstrated that nothing is impossible! You know how our dear chaiwala PM, by his thoughtful approach, dedicated hard work, has reached the pinnacles of success!

It is our mission to “Connect Students and Teachers Online On eTestZone, The Most Affordable Learning System”. We believe, in 21st century, collaborative model of studying, using technology, thru a connected network of teachers, sharing knowledge, we all can learn better, find different ways to solve problems. And, your parents (and, the society) collectively save a huge sum of money to use it efficiently later.

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